Highest Paying WORK FROM HOME JOBS in 2020

With corona, getting quarantine and just in lock down, I feel we all have got so much of extra time.
This is the reason I strongly believe a lot of people are getting into online space and starting with some new side hustles that they have always wanted to do but either never got the time or never had any idea of what to do or how to do or etc.

If you are one of them who wants to start a side hustle or a part-time job purely from home with just your laptop but have no idea about what you can start with.

I am suggesting you the 5 highest paying work from home jobs that you can start with right now even without having any prior experience


You can get started with selling your services to different businesses and you can help them reach more customers and make more money by signing more clients. 
These are many options to opt in digital marketing such as Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, IG strategist, etc.

For Example, you opt for Pinterest Marketing, because Pinterest experts is something which businesses are really looking out these days.
So all you have to do is, package all of your services that you want to sell to these businesses which are looking for Digital marketers especially for Pinterest and you can charge them for an hourly basis or sell them a package.

Pick any one of these platform and pitch these small business owners to help them reach more customers with your services. Also, you can discuss in advance if you are being paid as per the results, as per the ideal rates or with the package that you are selling.

You don’t really have to be into coding and all for building a website. Now there are some amazing tools like Elementor which do that work for you but what really required is, a sense of design, color grading, and all of those things.

Even at the initial level in my business, I myself build my website using Elementor and moreover it is a really affordable tool.
Adding to that what is required is, one should be aware of designing techniques like particular theme designing as per a brand. Just some insights into designing, colors, branding rather than coding and you will be good to go.

So, now you need to build a portfolio for that. BUT HOW?
All you have to do is, use tools like canvas or Photoshop and build some website design templates of three different vibes like black &white, colorful vibe or simple, clean subtle one, and share those templates to business owners or clients whom you want to work with.
If you can come up with some good website design templates, you can easily attract clients that will be willing to pay you at least $500 for one page of a website which is a pretty great deal.

There are a lot of creators who create content on YouTube or who need video editors for their courses or programmes. So you can give them your services in terms of editing videos for them.

You don’t need to be an Editor expert, you can start really small and use free tools like OpenShot, Movie Maker, Lightworks, and you are good to go .
Now this is also a really high paying job if you learn some technical features in these tools and use the premium versions of these tools which are paid ones, as in you can so highly paid if you are editing videos on a more professional level.
Also, you can pitch clients on YouTube, Instagram, or any sort of content creator who is creating content in form of videos.

Now I would recommend you to package your offer and sell them accordingly. Through which I mean sell your service in a way where you will be giving them a package like one including, editing videos, creating thumbnails and promoting their video on all the social media platforms.

Along with it you can do video SEO for them because SEO plays a really important role in YouTube. You can easily do SEO by using tools like Google Keyword. To know more about how keyword works, you can check my YouTube Video.
This way by packaging your service, you increase your chance of being highly paid than ever.
Now for editing 4 videos each month, Video editors usually take around $500 to $700 depending on what type of editing you are going to deliver.

Copywriters have huge demand in today’s market especially in the online space. They are needed for writing blog posts, creating sales page, websites, Instagram captions and many more.

So if you are good with words, great at story building, then you can definitely monetize your skill and sell your services to business owners. You can find your clients using my “GET MORE CLIENTS IN YOUR BUSINESS” guide.

Copywriters usually charge $100 to $150 for each page, so even if you write 5 pages a month, its a pretty good deal as you are starting out.

5. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER OR VA (Virtual Assistance):
What VA does is, they handle social media accounts of the businesses and they get their clients business more visibility.

They basically get really active using the clients’ social media accounts to grow their reach and increase their engagement on all your platforms.
So all you need to do is package all the services that you can built in one offer as a VA and sell to the clients using my Guide, if you need to find your target clients.

These 5 Work form Home Jobs are really high paying if you keep doing them for at least 3 month, you will easily make more than $1000 each month.

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