Work From Home CONSULTING Jobs to Make $3k to $100k per month

In one of my recent blog, I talked about five freelancing jobs that you can start with right now, just with your laptop and earn money by working from your home.
Now I will tell you in detail about some high paying work from home consulting jobs.
Basically, Consulting jobs are crazy paying jobs, way high paying as compared to freelancing jobs and you can do them from home and earn a full-time income like more than 3 thousand dollars in a couple of weeks.

First know the difference between a consulting job and freelancing job.
A freelancing job is when someone is hiring you to do the work for them whereas, in a consulting job, a consultant gives advice to their clients of what their clients should do in order to achieve their goal.

The Three MOST HIGH PAYING CONSULTING JOBS that You Can Start from Home Right Away!!

There are numerous types of consulting jobs out there in the market because every industry, every business owner, or entrepreneur needs some sort of advice from someone on how to move the needle in their business but I am going to share with you the three most high paying consulting jobs that you can work from home and earn $3k to $100k per month.

This type of consultants helps business owners to map the strategies for their company to help them scale their business faster. They give them a road map, that business owners need to follow in order to achieve their business goals or the vision the company have for itself.

Typically these types of consultants or strategists usually have some sort of background experience either in their job or their own business about what strategies really work and whatnot, and how to really build and scale a business.

A lot of these strategists have some past experience, so if you don’t have any past experience I would recommend you to start with a beta program of your business strategies. What you can do is offer your services to business owners for free, or for a couple of weeks in return of testimonials, case studies, and results in order to build your portfolio and use it further to grow your business.


These consultants are marketing strategists. They can be a Facebook ad consultant, sales funnel strategist, or many other types of consultants that you can opt-in in this niche for being a marketing strategist.

But you would need some experience to start with marketing consulting. So, if these interests you and you don’t have much experience, I would recommend you to start with low budget learning from Udemy or teachable courses and learn about Facebook Ads or sales funnel, enhance your knowledge on a high level about marketing strategies and then, start with finding clients who hire marketing strategist.

Also, if you want to know about HOW to find clients for your new consulting business, you can download my guide. It will give you the exact step-by-step strategy that you need to implement in your business in order to find your ideal high paying clients. So if you will be using Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest or Youtube to find clients, this guide will help you through.


It is an extremely high paying work from home job. Some people actually start earning millions in just a month after a certain period of time.
So, If you have a skill that you can monetize and create a course around it and can sell it to people looking for learning what you have to sell, then this job is for you!

All you got to do before turning it into a course is that you have to build the audience but once you do that, you can sell your course on platforms like Teachable, Kajabi, Thinkific, and many more. There are a lot of portals actually that you can build your course on and sell it to the clients.

Also,you really don’t need to have crazy skills in order to build a course. All you need is, a good, attractive, engaging audience who is ready to buy it from you.
One of my clients literally built a course on – “How to organize your refrigerator and cupboard to optimize the space”, and she is making the full-time income from selling that course because she has built an audience around it, who is interested in learning about how to optimize more spaces in their home cupboards and refrigerator.

So if you have any sort of skill that you can monetize, make sure you build an audience. First work on getting more visibility and create free content, share amazing crazy knowledge and then build your course. I would advise you to never build a course if you don’t have an audience who is willing to buy.

So if you’re interested in building a course, I would recommend you to first pre-sell it and then create the course and after that start your program.
This is something that I teach in my paid program “THE COACH LAB” as well.

These were the three most on-going consulting jobs which are crazy high paying and can make you earn $3k to $100k per month if you do it the right way as suggested.

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