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How to use INSTAGRAM DM to Build Network and Sell?

Instagram Direct messages is a secret weapon to build your network and increase your business sales, if done correctly.
So, I am going to tell you the exact strategies which I used in my business  to get the first 10 sales in through Instagram DM.

My core DM strategies will help you gain more loyal customers and turn your followers into your clients.

My SIX STEP PROCESS to Start Generating Sales on Instagram and Increasing Your Reach!

Finding ideal clients can be really difficult if you don’t know the process, but once you are familiar with the process, it seems to be super easy.

How I find my ideal clients is through these 3 steps:

1. Hashtags: Search for the hashtags that are in your niche.
After finding the hashtag, you will see so many people under it. Now go to these people profiles and check out their business, the following, their content.
Once you go through their profile, you must be able to figure out if that is your potential target as a client.

2. Influencers: Look out for the influencers in the same space as yours.
Check out the people engaging or commenting on those influencers profile because those are definitely your niche or potential customers seeking help in your industry, or those who are struggling in the same field as yours.
Then go and check their profile, give them a follow, or engage with them in comments, build real relationships by giving value to that particular person. Because this might result in a new client which means one new testimonial, and that is something really valuable to your business.

3. Facebook Groups: The best way of getting new clients is by Facebook groups. Make sure you follow Facebook groups as many as you can in your niche. Connect with people, give value, share knowledge, and just build relationships with them.

For example, you have connected with the ideal clients you want to target through Facebook, Instagram DM, or any other platform and you want to give them value on a daily basis.
Make a collection of those like 10 clients in Instagram by adding their profiles in a folder and name it as Ideal clients.
This way you will save a lot of time. HOW?
Just open your Instagram collection, see what these clients have posted, and engage with them every single day for  at-least one week.

Once you have connected with your target ideal clients and saved them in your collection, make sure you engage.
Engagement is the key to get those clients. Give them quick tips, shortcuts, tricks, or maybe share your secret strategies. Along with providing value, make sure to target them around your business but in a smart way.

Engage with them two times a day at least for a week or the first 10 days.
If you have 5 targeted clients and you are engaging with them on daily basis, giving them value, sharing your knowledge, then chances of them turning up as your clients are really high, and so forth you can reach your target that too when you are just starting.
This way you can see your business sky-rocketing within a month with just those 5 clients.

When you are engaging with your potential clients on a personal level, make sure you ask them what are the challenges or the difficulties they are facing in their business.
Because when you know their struggles in their business, which is basically their weak point, you might want to target that by providing quick tips or strategies as the solution they are looking for. And that’s when they will start giving you more value.
This way you be easily able to convert them into your client that too in a smooth manner by discussing their business problems.

This is the final step to get the target person as your client.
Offer them your package value. Once you have engaged with them giving them your knowledge, providing some value to them, knowing what challenges they are having, NOW OFFER THEM YOUR SERVICE by pointing out the solution to their challenges or struggles in your package proposal.
ALSO, a tip to boost up your sales, tell them how you are personally concerned about their problem as you have been interacting with them for quite a time and so, give them a special offer which increases their chance of signing up for your proposal.

Use Instagram stories by asking questions using polls.
For example, I put a question poll on my Instagram story asking ARE YOU TRYING TO BUILD YOUR BRAND and I know through the responses, that people hitting YES are my target clients and I start engaging with them on Instagram DM and go deep into their profile who have clicked YES to know their struggles.
This way you can use some question seekers in your stories and the answers can reveal your target ideal client.

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