Business Development

How MINDSET Will Grow Your Business

Mindset is one of the most important things to grow your business. Literally, 98% of your business.
It’s because when you don’t believe in yourself, in your offer and in your business – Who will?

So it’s really important for us as business owners to show up every single day in our most confident self and believe in the power of your service.
LIKE if you hit $5K month and then, you’ll be like – “I can’t believe this happened, OMG! How did I do it?” – This doesn’t make sense and it literally means you are not accepting all the work you have put in, and you are walking away from your hard work.

Do you really BELIEVE in those AFFIRMATIONS you say daily ?

Your mind might be saying a lot of affirmations (LIKE: MONEY FLOWS EASY TO ME, MY IDEAL CUSTOMERS ARE LOOKING FOR ME) and you might be in this high energy and vibe but deep down you might not believe them.

It’s okay if you don’t. It’s not like yelling nice things will work for your business.
It may work for a time because it temporally shifts your mindset so that you can get excited and get into doing work, but slowly when these limiting beliefs come into play you start to lose the grip. You start falling apart, again.

So in the long run, we need to limit these limiting beliefs else they will start creating limiting behaviors
FOR EXAMPLE: If you think that no one will buy from you, you will stop creating content or connecting with people, and eventually, it will ruin your business. So it’s important to work on the thought itself!!

You have to accept all the hard work you put into your business. You need to set the right intention for the mind, and set aside all the limiting beliefs and mindset blocks. 

So, WHAT do you need to do :
1) Figure out what is that limiting belief which is creating your limiting behaviors
2) What is the evidence that got you that limiting belief, And then
3) We need to set that evidence as FALSE

Given Example :
Step 1- Limiting Belief – 
Hitting $10K -This is not possible for you.
Step 2- Is it something that someone told us?
Is it something that you are thinking because of some past experience?
Step 3- SET that evidence as FALSE

You might not know the long term plan but focus on 1 day at a time, improve yourself with 1% each week = 52% each year

Set alarms, reminders, affirmations :
– I love money and Money loves me.
– Money comes easily to me.
– People want what I have and it feels good to serve them.
– I am always attracting abundance.

Right Money Mindset: Be specific how much you want to make and then reverse engineer. Be specific. Be logical.

Mindset + Actions: Like as a 6 figure owner, think how do they live, do they work out as soon as they wake up, drink coffee, journal, plan their day, automate.

Don’t be attached to HOW!

Sets your goals, and see your side.
Like my goal is $10K in sales: then think, I have to follow up with warm leads, email my list, post on social media. This is my side and this is what I need to focus on

Now the universe side: Getting my lives in front of right people – that’s the universe side, let it be and
if you didn’t hit your goal: then it should be like I didn’t hit my goal yet

Be really mindful of all the investments and opportunities in your business. Think about what a 6-figure business owner will think like.