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Why LIVE STREAMING is important in 2020?

Live Streaming is a really powerful tool for getting more reach and engagement.

Moreover,  it’s also an amazing way of developing an authority in your niche to grow your audience.
So if you’re showing up on a particular day at a particular time every single week or every single day, however you plan, then you are definitely showing up as an authority to everyone who is looking for help in your particular industry.

This is one of the best approaches to why you should make live-streaming a priority in 2020. 

Tips and Tricks on WHY and HOW To Get Started with Live Streaming

Some important reasons to know WHY you should do live streaming:

I. Instagram live – If you go live on Instagram, you will see that every single follower who is following you will get notified and if you are going live with someone, their followers will also get a notification.
So it is a great way of getting notified to every single person who is following you especially when Instagram keeps changing its algorithm every single day.

II. Your Story Bubble – When you go live, your story bumble will always appear in front of other bubbles because then your profile will get the priority as per the Instagram algorithm. 
For example, you uploaded some stories, so once your follower has watched your stories then your bubble will go at the end and other bubbles will come in front
BUT IF YOU HAVE DONE LIVE then your bubble will stay in front for 24 hours.
So when your followers will be opening Instagram, again and again, your live story bubble will be definitely clicked on, as story bubbles coming in first tends to get clicked far more than other bubbles. 

III. More features introduced to live streaming – If you do live streaming you will see that there are many features like comments, question seekers, answer polls (like yes or no), and other types of polls. Also, you can share screens, send pictures, share your videos on your phone.

Every single time any update comes on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, it includes so many feature updates with your live streaming; so it clearly indicates that all the platforms are promoting live and they want more people who are on the platform to use the live feature.
So make sure you take full advantage of all the updates that Instagram Facebook and YouTube are sending in your way to use it in your live stories and increase your reach.

IV. With live, you will increase your reach and engagement as compared to pre-scheduled posts on the Facebook page.
For example, if you do a live and after that, you post a picture within like a day or two, it will definitely get more reach because a lot of people are notified that you went live as compared to people who don’t even get notified about your existence even when you post your pictures.
So try this out at least for once to see the difference yourself, post the picture on the Facebook page or your YouTube video after doing a live and you will tend to get way more reach and engagement.


1. Practice on Instagram stories first: Instagram stories are the best way to practice your continuous speaking. Moreover they are for a few seconds, so you can make multiple 15 seconds videos and discard it wherever it goes wrong. This way Instagram stories take less time, less effort and less setup.
So practice your live videos, make short Instagram stories, update them, do it for a week and the eighth day you will be ready for your first live.

2. Create small content first – With no high expectations for yourself, start with 5 minutes live video only, which is very focused on a particular topic and once you get comfortable you can keep scaling anytime.

3. Create a formula for your live videos – After doing numerous live streaming, I’ve got a formula for myself that I just plug and play every time I do live streaming.
So I make sure that my live video draft includes these:
– The main takeaways of what my audience is going to take away from this live
– My personal story/experience
– Mistakes I made or other coaches make
– Undesired outcomes from those mistakes that coaches suffer from
– The most important- Solution
So draft your live videos especially when you are just starting out.

4. Start with interviewing that will bring flow and you will feel more like talking to someone and you’ll feel less uncomfortable.
Start by connecting people in your industry to go live with them. Interviewing another person is a like a two-way reach and that is how you will also learn about how you can answer, when you are live with your audience or how you can deal with situations like that.
So that’s a really good way of starting when you’re just starting with live streaming. 

5. Choose an unpopular time to go live when you are just getting started: Because when you go live on unpopular time, not many people will watch you when you are actually live but they will see your live uploaded video later.
So this way fewer eyes are on you during your live, and so you will be a little more confident as compared to when 100 people are watching you on live.
It’s a good way of getting started with live streaming by going live on an unpopular time combining it with the draft.

This is how you should get started with your live streaming to gain more reach and engagement in your business.

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