Let’s say your 3-month high ticket program is $2000 per month

To hit that $10k mark per month in your business, you need 5 people to sign up for your program, so you secure 2000 per month from 5 people for next 3 months

Let’s say your combined audience (email list, instagram followers, facebook group leads etc) is 1000

You create a freebie which is directly related to your program which you are launching and promote it

40% of your audience gets on your guide i.e. 400 leads directly from the freebie linked to your program.

Now, you also promote that freebie, because why not! It’s not just to nurture your existing leads but also to attract new ones.

Let’s say you attracted 200 more leads by using other Facebook groups, Joint venture webinars etc.

Now you have 600 hot leads which we know for sure aren’t cold, and are highly targeted because they have come from your program focused freebie.

We treat these 600 leads as your course leads and do the heavy nurturing via email marketing.

Then you announce your program, 1% says yes and buys your program (btw, industry standard conversion rate is 2-5% for high ticket programs, and we are taking way secure path here).

There you go, you have 6 buyers when your goal was to sign 5!

But, what if you don’t meet your goals.

I have a plan B here.

In case you don’t hit your goals, create a quick mini-course straight out of your program that can get quick win to your leads for FREE, do the nurturing via email sequences and offer a VIP oder bump.

There you go. You either hit or surpass your goals.

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