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Everyone is creating content to expand their reach and visibility to their audience in order to generate more leads. But when you create content on a daily basis and re-invent the content for all your social media platforms, it can be really overwhelming or probably could put you into the burnout state.

This is the reason why I just love this amazing strategy of re-purposing my one piece of content in 11 different ways.


To start, you must know about CONTENT MARKETING and WHY it is really important to be consistent with your content.

Content Marketing is a form of marketing focussed on creating, publishing, and distributing content for your target audience online. It is often used by businesses to attract attention or increase their visibility, expand their customer base, and generate their online leads or sales.

WHY Content marketing is really important? The reason is you should care about content marketing because:

A. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A SLEAZY PERSON because when you put your content out there in front of your target audience, then you have turned your cold audience into a warm audience and that audience is warm enough to turn into your hot leads when you will sell out your offer or launch your program. So this way you won’t be a sleazy salesperson as you will nurture them throughout this process of content marketing.

B. YOU HELP PEOPLE IN PROCESS. When you give live training, you are actually helping your audience in their business by sharing your secret strategies, tips, some quick hacks, etc. That will increase their chance of opting for your service or program as they have already experienced that you can be a helpful resource for them. So they will likely take the chance of hiring you for the service you provide.

C. YOU BECOME THE SOURCE OF VALUE. You will be known for something you are offering and people will come to you if they are struggling with any problem that you are solving. For example for online service-based entrepreneurs, if they are struggling to sign more clients in their business or with being consistent, they come to me because they know I can help them sign more clients in their business and that is how I become the source of value for their business.

D. YOU GENERATE LEAD WITHOUT SOLICITING ANYONE. Generating leads would be like a mission throughout your content marketing. So you would be generating leads as an on-going process. Moreover, if you are creating content around something you really love, then it doesn’t feel like work at all.

Some facts you definitely need to consider when you are trying to grow your online business:

You cant grow your online business without being consistent. If you think you will post one piece of content today, next after a week, and the next one after two weeks, then no one will know who you are. Your audience won’t be familiar with what you do or what service you provide. So you really need to be consistent with what you are offering. 
Finally, you have to focus on your visibility and as you are consistent with your content, people with start to notice you which in result will increase your visibility. But it can likely take you in a burn out state if you are trying to create content from scratch for every social media platform you are on. 

So the idea here is to REPURPOSE because when you start to repurpose your content for different social media, that’s when you become consistent and have a strategic plan to work on your visibility. This will prevent you from going into the overwhelming state over and over again.

FACT #2: The fastest way to grow your audience is TO FOCUS ON BUILDING ONE PLATFORM AT A TIME.
 But when you do that, you won’t be able to expand your niche, that is when cross-promoting your content by repurposing plays a vital role.
Also, remember that your one platform grows your other platforms. So when you cross-promote your content in the various platforms you are on, that is when you build a consistent road-map to reach more audiences.

So consistency combined with a plan to cross-promote your content is the right way to go forward with when you are in the online space.




1. VIDEO ( Description + Title )
Starting with if you create a VIDEO ON YOUTUBE which is SEO driven content. 

If your description and title of the video are keyword-driven as per your content, then the content is evergreen, which means your content will come up in Google search and YouTube search both as well as in recommendations on YouTube. That is how by being a keyword-driven video, you increase the chances of your video to show up in search and recommendations.

2. PODCAST ( Show notes + title )
So coming to when you have already created content for your YouTube video, you can convert that video into audio by just extracting its audio. You can use free tools to convert a video into audio like iMovie, Pazera Audio Extractor, and many more.

Once you extract the audio, you can put it into the PODCAST. This is the smart way of how I like to do it. 

So you created one piece of content, which is a YOUTUBE VIDEO, which is SEO driven, evergreen content, you extract the audio of that video, convert it into a PODCAST, and that is when you create another piece of evergreen content, which is SEO driven and 100% searchable. It’s always good to hire a VA (Virtual Assistant) to repurpose your content and by that, you just outsource that video to your VA to repurpose it. 

So basically you are not doing any work because you have already created a video with your content.

Now you have created a video and repurposed it for a podcast. Next is you can use tools like,, and many more to convert it into a transcript.

So you can take that textual piece of content (transcript) and make it into a BLOGPOST. And that’s how you are creating your third SEO driven content by repurposing the content you created first for your YouTube video.

Also, make sure in your blogpost, your titles, your tags, the keywords, and the picture title (if there is any picture in the blog) you use, have searchable terms because it is the metadata that is used to show your content in search.

When you create your blog post, you can put that blog post even on the website The advantage is that this site content is also searchable, highly SEO driven which increases your chance of coming in search results through as compared to the blog post on your site. 

Also when you put an article in Medium, they pick a couple of articles every week which they promote to their audience, resulting in reaching your articles to millions in their email list, if your article gets selected. So that will increase your reach like anything. That is why putting your blogs on is a brilliant idea. But make sure you don’t copy the same whole content, just edit a few lines, add more pictures, make it more interesting. Again, this is something your VA can do that for you.

Another way of re purposing your blog post content is that you do guest posting to other’s websites. The advantage is you will get more reach as their audience will see your piece of content on their website. Along with that, you will also get credibility for being an expert in your industry because you are doing a guest posting for someone else’s audience.

These are the five ways you can repurpose one piece of content which is purely SEO and chances are your content will come up in search over and over again if you use the right tags, right keyword, and appropriate metadata for your video, podcast and blogs.


These other six ways will make an instant connection with your audience. Also, these will build more trust, more credibility, and will increase your reach like anything if you do it correctly as mentioned below.

I hope you have seen those posts where you see one static picture with some waves on one side. These types of posts are used to promote your podcasts. Tools like Wavve is used for such posts which turn your audio into a video but a video with the waves on the side and a static picture on the background.

When you open the Wavve website, you can upload the picture that you want in the background with your 1 or 2-minute audio, and then you can save it. This way it will turn your picture into the video. So what you can further do is, use this video to promote your business on Facebook, Instagram, or email list as well.

You can further extract the snippets from your video, or audio, or your blog post. But make sure you extract the catchy phrases or important quotes that will make someone hooked with the piece of content you have created. Once you create such snippets, promote it in your email list and redirect the audience to your SEO driven content

You can extract one-liners or short statements when you are creating that first piece of content for your video.
As when you are thinking some catchy things or tips or some teaching comes up in your mind, which you might or might not include in your Video, but all you need is just note it down and create a graphics out of it. 

For this to happen be very attentive about what you are saying or thinking while doing coaching calls, creating any piece of content, writing something, or experiencing things in your business, so you can just grab some one-liners or quotes in these situations and use them as content for your social media platforms.

Sometimes it happens that you create a really amazing and valuable piece of content, but it doesn’t reach your audience that well. Also, you realize your audience is asking question related to the same content over and over again. So what you can do is create a FREEBIE out of it. 

All you have to do is copy and paste it and link it on your website. This is a great way to capture more leads and converting your cold audience into warm leads. With the same piece of content that you have already created, you can create a freebie if you realize people are asking you often about the same thing as in your content.

Another way is that you create captions for your social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter, out of the whole video that you have already done. Caption needs not to be too big as your video or blog post but it should just include the key pointers from your content which you definitely want to get noticed by your audience.

A lot of times people ask you some questions over and over again related to whatever expert you are in your niche. So what you can do is create a FAQ section for the piece of content you have created and put it into highlights of your Facebook and Instagram. Also, you can put the same FAQ section on your website. This way you won’t have to answer the same question or similar queries again. You can just redirect people to the FAQ section that you have created. Also, another advantage is when they see you have already addressed the concern, the credibility you will get will be just the next level.

So if you are creating one piece of content with your whole heart and soul, you can just re-purpose it into different ways and that’s how you can reach more audience, increase your reach and eventually generate more leads.