My top 3 quick hacks to get you instant cash in your business. These are quick strategies as these will help you to start making money right NOW even when you have no coach, no strategies, but you just have the skill that you can monetize.
But remember that these hacks are short term strategies, so be clear to not make them a part of your long term plan. Because, if by any chance you make them your long term strategies, you will somehow hit the saturation point in your business and then you will go in overwhelm state where you won’t be able to any money.

3 QUICK STRATEGIES to Get INSTANT Cash Injection in Your Business !!

I know so many of my clients who wanted to work with me from the start, but they couldn’t afford it. So I shared these same quick strategies with them to make instant money, so they could afford my program. That is why I am so sure about these quick hacks because these have helped many of my present clients and it literally worked for each one of them.

Just keep this always in mind, not to implement these strategies over and over again in your business.

To start with pick a number, less than $1000, and set a cash goal for yourself. It should not be as big that you can’t reach but something that is BIG ENOUGH to excite you and small enough that feels doable.

So my 3 quick tips to make instant cash are:


There are so many famous Facebook groups like Jenna Kutcher’s Group- Goal Digger Podcast Insiders. It’s a huge group with more than 25,000 members wherein most of the people post their queries like looking for field marketers, or struggling to get clients, looking to help someone to get their logos designed, searching for copywriters for their sales pitch, and many  other such queries.

So, many people drop their queries in such big Facebook groups and ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is send a message to those who are looking out for help in the same skill which you are offering.

For example, you are a graphic designer, so you can make quick money by helping those in search of graphic designers for their content.
You can send your message like “Hey Sarah, I read your post in the Facebook group and this is something I can help you with. Check out some of my work (Share your work)So I would like to know if you are interested in working with me.” 
So just create a message and then customize it whenever you are sending it to anyone.

So it’s a quick way of connecting with people whom you can help immediately.
Although, I did this with all my intentions of serving and not just making money, but when you give, that’s when you really get.

All you have to do is create holiday bundles and earn money by selling them who needs it.
For example, I do so many Facebook lives, so I would put all those live videos together, package them, and then sell them as low ticket offers because I know my lives areso packed with value that can help someone make quick money.  
So it works in a way that if you have already created something in the past like your blog posts or your YouTube videos, so you can just compile them, go to Teachable or any such platform and CREATE A COURSE (its free on Teachable).

This way you can create the course with your pre-existing content and you can sell it for maybe $50 or $100, as in as low price as possible but something that can help the client move the needle in their life or business through your course.

This is going to get them quick results for exactly what they are looking and YOU WILL EARN QUICK CASH by offering your course at a rate that they can afford easily.

Also remember that do it with all your intention of serving and not to just create money because when you do that, it clearly shows that you really want to help.

When people see that you are helping them genuinely in their life or business struggles through your course, they would then really like to hire you or work with you.

If you ask me I can offer a lot many services like making Facebook posts, copywriting for emails, designing logos, email marketing, setting up your email sequence and I would have charged like $200. This is my example.

So start using Facebook groups and start posting about what you can help people with to monetize your skill as per your expertise.

For example, you can say in a group like “I can help 5 people with copywriting their emails for $100, if you are looking for the immediate help comment below and I’ll connect with you“.

So, create these kinds of posts offering help in all those services which you can provide and make immediate cash with that.

These were the 3 hacks that even I did when I really wanted to invest in a coach but I couldn’t afford. So I know this works incredibly well. Moreover some of my clients have also worked on these strategies and they were able to make quick cash in their business.

But remember these are not the long term strategies because they will overwhelm you and if you will make a short-term goal, you’ll be able to achieve it really quickly and can earn money instantly through these short term quick strategies. 


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