Create a wildly successful booked out business that lights your soul on fire driven by passion & purpose

It’s time to make bank without doing the shit you hate


Want to snag your free copy and increase your revenue like crazy?

If I know one thing it’s that you definitely didn’t start this business to settle for ‘good enough’

You’re determined to crush record-breaking months

You’re ready for a booked out business with a waitlist eagerly awaiting you to open up a spot & you sure as hell don’t want to follow the rules, you want to create your own

You started your business to achieve massive success on your own terms, and I’m ready to help you make it happen—fast.

It’s time to step into your 6-figure self and soar past the infamous $10k months in record time with a too-good-to-fail framework.

My Mindset, Messaging & Momentum framework is the key to creating huge results in business without doing a million little things. It teaches you how to scale simply and it freakin’ works (we’ve got the client results to prove it.)

Zero clients and zero dollars to $100k in 6 months? Those are the kind of results we see here on the regular.

How do I know this framework is undeniably successful?

Because I spent years following all the ‘expert strategies’ and it kept me stuck at $5k months. Once I decided to block out the noise, I created a framework that allowed me to quit my job in 6 weeks, book out my business in 8 weeks, and hit $100k in under 14 months, all by defying the rules.

Hi, I’m Sakshi, a business strategist and sales mentor with an expertise in selling and launching. I help struggling coaches scale their business and have consistent 5-figure months while building sustainable online businesses.

I teach soulful business strategies to help female entrepreneurs close high ticket sales with small audiences.

After designing a bullet proof launch strategy that led to my first $5K, $10K, and even $30K launches, I have created my signature system that never fails. My signature 6 step launch formula and my Mindset, Messaging and Momentum framework helps struggling entrepreneurs sellout their launches and close high ticket clients with ease.

With the dream of traveling the world, I quit my job, and moved to Germany from India to live a European life with my husband. As of this moment, in less than 3 years, I have traveled to 21+ countries and have built a multiple 6-figure business, all while enjoying wine & cheese combo.  I’m on the mission to empower women to grow a wildly successful business.

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First 10k month after a 2-hour Messaging intensive’ and other epic results you’ll get when we work together.

Branding Coach

In my 3 months of working with Sakshi, I clarified my program promise, refined my messaging and siged 3 high ticket clients in my first launch resulting in a total of $16K. Sakshi is a real deal.

Finance Coach

My program "Organize Your Life From Outside & Inside" generated $4K in first launch, and $16K in second launch during my time of working with Sakshi.

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