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It's time you ignore the torture vibes of coaches constantly screaming

Do sales call to sell your high ticket programs or atleast talk to people in DMs all the time. (Please, no thank you)


Don’t come across too sleazy by always selling. Give value. (Duh! I thought we are doing business here)


Play in your feminine. Launches are very masculine energy. (Couldn’t be more wrong)



tell me,
is this you?


You’ve been wanting to launch a new program, course, or product for quite some time, but you feel overwhelmed and have no idea where to start.

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You’ve already tried to sell your programs a few times on your own and found yourself on a stressful rollercoaster of emotions, entirely burnt out, and completely confused as to why you continuously hear crickets every. single. time.

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You’ve signed a few clients into your programs but you’re tired of it feeling difficult and want to finally reach those 5-figure months with EASE.

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You're attracting clients, but not PREMIUM ones

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You’re missing a marketing and sales process that brings you predictable results

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You're great at what you do, but when it comes to articulating it in a way that reflects your true essence AND converts you feel stuck

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imagine if...

You could create a hybrid course + coaching program that can serve hundreds of clients at a time in less than 10 hours per week

You sell your coaching program in 6 weeks and get it ready to go evergreen

Build the evergreen sales system for enrolling high-ticket clients year-round, without any sales calls

Escape the launch-to-launch feast and famine and revenue roller coaster by going evergreen with your program

Create, Launch and Evergreen your own high ticket program in our focused implementation sprint

Build a simple, sophisticated, truly scalable business model that is chill, fulfilling, and profitable


Sales Accelerator Academy

A proven system to take coaches, content creators and CEOs from struggling to sign clients to selling your high ticket group program in 6 months

what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying

Ruby is a mother of three, and Branding Coach helping coaches rebrand themselves to gain more visibilty. Her program is known as "Rebrand Your Empire" generated $16K in first launch, and $24K in second launch

Ruby, Branding Coach

Dana is a finance coach helping females in 20's to organise their finances. Her program "Organise Your Life From Outside & Inside" generated $4K in first launch, and $16K in second launch

Dana, Finance Coach

From a complete beginner in the online space to now having a thriving business, working with clients in 1:1 and launching a course, Mona is thriving in her photography coaching business :

Check out here what Mona has to say about the program

Mona, Photography Coach

Get Access To The most brilliant community of coaches, course creators, and CEOs

Sales Accelerator Academy is something rare and special – it’s the room where unimaginable happens. This is the place to refer each other, network, support each other, and share resources. This is where highly driven course creators, coaches and CEOs hang out. And you’re cordially invited!

This is the place to design your own High Ticket group coaching program to be totally scalable from Day One (so you can deliver it in less than 10 hours a week) that serves your best clients at the highest level.

Determine the messaging, positioning, price point, timeframe and core outcomes of your high ticket offer that makes it an irresistible no-brainer even at a super premium price.

Create a program where the delivery does NOT take up all of your time, even though it delivers a high-end experience to your clients and gets them incredible results.

Create your evergreen sales system for enrolling high ticket clients WITHOUT EVER DOING A SALES CALL while still making sure only the best perfect-fit clients get into your program.

Ready to watch modules, weekly coaching calls, done-for-you templates, launch plan and scripts so you can easily plug and play, high-vibe community and Facebook group support


MODULE 1: 6-Figure Coach Blueprint

In Module 1, we break down the entire process of starting, growing, and scaling a coaching business to 6-figures and beyond. You’ll understand what to focus on to scale to $10K months in 90 days. 

MODULE 2: Self Leadership Principles

We’ll reveal the root causes of your procrastination, self-sabotage, perfectionism, and other behavioural patterns that prevent you from reaching your goals. You’ll get access to the tools that will you $10K quicker and in the most easeful way.

MODULE 3 : Create & Pre-Sell Your Coaching Package to get ROI in 30 Days

You will get access to Clients on Demand Framework where you will master the rverything that you need to do to fill your offers and fill your containers.

MODULE 4 : Magnetic Content & Consult Flywheel

You’ll uncover how to create connection content that attracts and keeps your audience always hot and deeply connected with you. You’ll master types of content along with my secret tips to never go out of ideas. You will also master creating consults and keeping your calendar blocked with ready to pay clients

MODULE 5 : Client Attraction Formula

You’ll learn our signature Magnetic Visibility Framework to build a system that turns lurkers into high paying clients. Get ready to transform your online presence from “I think I can do this” to making dollars and creating impact.

MODULE 6: Conversion Events and Sales Mastery

I will teach you how to deliver the best experience to your hot leads on social media so they are ready to sign up before the launch of your program. You will master my process of selling anything you want at any price, golden rules to maximise your visibility and overcome all sales objections even before they come up! You will get access to the most soulful way of selling you’d ever experienced. 

hey there

i'm sakshi

Hi, I’m Sakshi. If you don’t see me coaching or drinking coffee, then I’m spending my time with my newborn son. Ah, life is delicious being a mom, but not long ago, I used to be just like you.

I used to constantly worry about where my next sale was coming from.

For 6 months, I consistently launched my offer and I consistently got no sales.

I tried strategy after strategy but it was falling flat. Until the 7th month where I finally had a $19K launch.

I was shocked but I knew I was on to something… because my successful launch was easier and more fun than past failed launches.

The secret was my unique combination of masculine and feminine energy to consistent which brought in my first 5-Figure Launch.

Since then I have distilled and refined this process to help 72+ other coaches have successful launches and make $400K combined and you get my unqiue process of selling high ticket group coaching package in Sales Accelerator Academy.

is Sales Accelerator Academy
for you?

This is for you if…

⚜️ You are a coach or consultant and you know your niche/target audience

⚜️ You are coachable and ready to do the work to sign motivates clients

⚜️ You are attracting clients but somehow they don’t seem to be the best clients that you want to attract or would like to work with

⚜️ You are looking for a simple game plan that creates clients of demand, and feels good to you; not just another cookie cutter launch strategy  

⚜️ You want mindset expansion AND the tangible steps you can follow all the way to the bank — not just one or the other.


This is noT for you if…

✖️ You are not willing to put in the work to scale you consistent 5-figure months

✖️ You are looking for quick fixes and do not want to put in the work that will make your business sustainable

✖️ You are not motivated and coachable. 

what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying


Enroll now to get immediate access to the program, and support today!







Got questions? Great

Book a call with me and let’s talk

In Sales Accelerator Academy, I teach you how to get your clients literally EXCITED to pay you.

I felt lost, confused and frustrated for a long time

Inspite of the fact that I love creating content, having 80,000 followers on Instagram and almost 2,000 subscribers on Youtube, I felt lost. 

I created my program, launched it 4 times in 6-months

And still had 0 sign ups in every launch 

It felt inauthentic

I started to doubt myself

This is when I took a step back, hired a personal mentor and relaunched my program.

Turned out this is exactly what my business needed

Since then my business has generated over $250K in cash without ads, and by working 4-hours a day

It’s time to make a change

Without choosing the change : 

You will not be able to accelerate your sales skills

You will be planning your next launch strategy without having a proven system

Your launches will be unpredictable

You will have no signature framework that makes you stand out of the crowd

You will have no flow of generating consistent cash and enrolling clients consistently

Ultimately, you will give up because you will think it’s not for you

This is possible for you inside Sales Accelerator Academy

frequently asked questions

Who is this for?

+ -
This program is for if you are a coach or consultant who is struggling to sign high-caliber motivated clients consistently and generate consistent revenue in their business.
This is for you if you are feeling stuck, making 0 to $1K a month, you are feeling unseen and are struggling hard to sell your high priced program or coaching business.
It’s also for you if you know you’re holding yourself back by not showing up consistently and are feeling defeated because you’re not making the sales you want to make.
This program is designed for coaches and consultant who are ready to be fully booked with FINEST clients, consistently

Will I need to spend money on ads?

+ -
Nope! You will learn simple ways of organic marketing which are 100% free!
You will be armed with in-demand organic techniques of attracting and finally selling to your ideal prospects.
Everything I teach in Sales Accelerator Academy is 100% organic.

Do I need additional tech/other skills to pull this off?

+ -
I'm the least technical person you will ever come across. Most of the lessons that I teach you can be done without any technical knowledge.
However, there can be few lessons that require technical knowledge, but don't worry.
I've got you covered.
You will get access to the entire "tech-library" with step-by-step tutorials for any implementation.

I'm new in digital marketing. Is this going to be too advanced for me?

+ -
I have broken down the entire program into multiple modules, and further into multiple lessons to make it easily understandable to you.
Everything I teach you in this program can be implemented by you even with no prior knowledge of digital marketing.
If you get stuck, you always have me to get your questions answered.

Is there a refund policy?

+ -


I have another question ...

+ -
Great. Send me a private message on Instagram @datelessgrin_ and I’ll get it answered for you ASAP

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