Hey, Sakshi here. 

✔️ I started here :⁣
* Born in typical 9 to 5 family⁣⁣
* First person to start my business, with no funds⁣⁣
* Moved Berlin after wedding with $1000 that my father gifted me as a parting gift⁣⁣
* Convinced my husband and Invested $3000 in complete garbage course⁣⁣
👉🏻 Very Soon , I got :⁣⁣
* Really burnt out and exhausted⁣⁣
* Trying to figure out email marketing and selling⁣⁣
* Already in debt of $3000⁣⁣
* Trying DIY⁣⁣
* Couldn’t make a dime for the longest time⁣

🦋 My Present State : WHO AM I ?⁣⁣
* Cooperate escape from 9 to 5⁣⁣
* Business owner for 3 years⁣⁣
* Indian living European life in Germany⁣⁣
* World traveller⁣⁣
* Contributor to many digital media houses like : GRAZIA, THE TIMES, MEDIUM⁣⁣
* I’m a empower to hundreds of women to pay off debt, quit their jobs and create a life of freedom, choices and opportunity.⁣⁣
🚀 My mission: Helping struggling online-space entrepreneurs get more clients online and make more $$ and do what sets their souls on fire.⁣⁣
💯 Interested in knowing how ?⁣⁣

So if you…⁣
1. Are a coach wanting to get clients online
2. Are wanting to make at least $2k-$5k next month⁣
3. Have time to work with 3-4 new clients, starting next month⁣
4. Are willing to work hard (as long as you have a gameplan)⁣
5. Are friendly and coachable⁣… and you can keep a secret ⁣