30+ WAYS to GET MORE CLIENTS in Your Coaching Business

In this blog, I am going to tell you different ways to get more and more clients in your coaching business. These are all my tested ways which have resulted incredibly well to get my clients, that too really soon.
These ways will increase your visibility as well and widen your reach resulting in skyrocketing your business growth. To make it easy for you to understand, I have divided different ways into three categories.

3 Types of Activities to GET MORE AND MORE CLIENTS

Boss activities are everything that you own, basically all things on social media platforms which are yours like your Facebook profile, your Facebook group, your own Facebook page, your Instagram page. Keep posting on these platforms that are just yours.

Likewise, go live on Facebook and Instagram because I honestly feel live videos fast track your growth like anything. Also, my clients who are shy, introvert and are scared to do live, I recommend them to start doing live at a time when mostly everyone is sleeping, the secret strategy behind it is that the audience is least at that time, so if you are just starting out you will feel more confident and worry less as there are few numbers of eyes on you at that time while you are speaking.

Use your Facebook stories with a poll at the end and everyone who clicks on the poll, reply to them and engage with them.
For example, you write a poll at the end of your Facebook story- “Are you having any struggles in signing a client: YES or NO”. So, whoever clicks YES you message them “Hey thanks for participating in this poll! I saw you are having struggles in signing up clients. Would you mind telling me what struggles you are having so that I can help you accordingly” And when they tell you the struggle or reply, that’s how you are building a new relation or a new connection with your target ideal client.
Also, use Instagram stories for the poll to get people to engage with you even more.

Publish a blog post to your website on a regular basis. Post regular new pins on Pinterest. Also if you are using Pinterest, you can even divert your audience there to your blog post.

Regularly email your email list with a short email and a clear Call To Action. Make them aware of the fact that you have a paid offer and you are not giving everything for free. Keep indulging with them with something or the other in your mail.

As per my calculation and prior experience, you will be booking at least one call by doing any of the 2 activities from the many above mentioned, considering you are doing them on a regular basis.

Activities where you are acting as a lead in the office with multiple hands. It’s like you are using others’ audiences to build up your paid audience.

This category involves posting on someone else’s Facebook group the same activities that you’re doing in your own pages or your profile.

Go live with someone to their Instagram or their Facebook audience as through this, you will reach their Facebook audience or their Instagram viewers and this will really increase your reach that too in a really simple way.

Get an Instagram or email shout out to someone else’s list. This can definitely skyrocket your growth.
Simply target one person for two weeks. 

 you want to get featured on my list, you will become super active with my profile.
You will comment, reply to my stories, comment on my post, like my each uploaded post, you will give a shout out to me on your Instagram story or on your Facebook story.
It’s like you’re building up a relationship with me and then you will pitch me like “Hey I see that you are a business coach! and I am a confidence coach(or whatever your niche is). I feel like a lot of people who are struggling to get clients are struggling with confidence and I would like to give a free strategy session to them. Would you mind promoting my business for everyone who is struggling with confidence, I can help them for free.

This has got me incredible results in the past and so many of my clients too. This works magically but you have to give some time.
Also as a tip, use features to become super active on anyone’s profile like in Instagram turn on that feature for that specific person that you want to get shout out from, through which you will be notified for every post, every live they do and every story that they put up. But remember to not do this with the person who is in the same industry as you are, choose someone from the opposite niche or industry. 

Be a guest on someone else’s podcast.
 There are communities especially on Facebook for pod-casters, join those communities, and introduce yourself. That’s how you will get yourself started with podcasting as a guest.

These activities will increase your visibility like anything and by indulging yourself completely while doing these activities on a regular basis, you will definitely get your new clients as these will grow your audience tremendously.

These activities pinpoint the exact ways to get more clients to sign up with you or book a call with you and result in those actions which you want them to do to become your paid client.

Start by running a challenge and offering a free call to everyone who completes all three or four days. It’s basically you are building trust for those three or four days and that’s how you make your target client think why your plan is a great fit for them and then after a point of time, you will be selling it so fast.

So when you run a challenge you are just in the mind of that person for continuous three days and that’s the time you offer them a free call. Through this way, you will book them on a call with you to further know their struggles and to explain to them how your plan can solve their problems, also why they should buy your plan.

Create a quiz that ends with the option to book a call. HOW TO DO IT?
At the end of the quiz if someone said some particular things that make them your ideal client, then give them a strike like I can help you with “whatever they are seeking or struggling with” and further give them a book call to action. This results incredibly well.
So the right way of doing this is, you post on the Facebook group “I created a quiz to help you where you are exactly stuck in (whatever your niche is)” and when people participate in that, everything leads to book a call. That is how you are getting your desired output right.

Another way is Straight up, offer a call to someone who you think would be a good fit for you as your client. 
If someone who is warmed up engaging with youjust send them a voicemail or a video note “hey I see you have been engaging with my content a lot of time and I see that you will be a good fit for my program. Would you want to hop on a chat or a call with me if I show you how to solve this (whatever you observed they are struggling with)
TIP: Always end your messages with a question to get the reply. Don’t close the messages with just a statement.

Host webinars with a co-host. 
Host a webinar that is apt for your targeted ideal clients but do it in collaboration with someone else and make them your co-host. This way you are increasing your visibility and widening your reach by interacting with others’ audiences, by providing them some great insights they need to know. This is another way of skyrocketing your growth and it does incredibly well.

I have explained three types of activities but you don’t have to do all of them together, just select the ones that work for you and then stick with those activities to get more and more clients in your business.

BUT you need to do them every single day in order to get more clients and book calls. These are literally income-generating activities and these have a really high conversion rate if you do them strategically as explained.

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