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3 MINDSET SHIFTS YOU NEED TO DO to hit your first $5K Month

What separates online coaches who struggle to get clients from those who get booked MONTHS in advance, pull $10k per month consistently, and attract clients like bees to honey?⁣
It’s NOT how many hours they put in because even I worked the hardest when I was poorest. It isn’t their audience size as most of my students are regular folks with 500-700 followers and are not “influencers”, but making enough money through their business!
Its the first and foremost factor- MINDSET.

So if you are not able to hit your target and have tried all the strategies and techniques you know, then maybe it’s the most important tool that you have not considered in and that is the right MINDSET you need to have.


It’s a fact and a reality too as I have seen, observed, and experienced myself in my journey of becoming a successful businesswoman that how mindset plays a key role in achieving your targets in the business.
So I am going to tell you 3 mindset shifts that you need to do hit your first $5k month even during this pandemic.

No one is going to take responsibility for your business decisions. But you only need to stand up for yourself.
So show up as a leader and not as a victim. Take responsibility for all your actions and each step that you are taking in your business. 


Show up, share value because that’s what people care about. If you solve their problem that literally means your job is done, as that is all that matters. No one cares how pretty your website is until it solves the problem of your prospects.

So don’t run after perfection and think about giving value as much as you can.
 Also if you will always keep approaching perfection that will just show your insecurities. So my advice is to show up as an expert and not as a perfectionist.


When you are starting out, everything will be messy. No matter what actions you take, be courageous, leave your comfort zone, and just show up as an expert. Keep sharing values with your ideal clients.
Also, keep solving their problems and giving out your offers so that you can build a relationship with them, and that is how they can relate with you.

On the other side if you keep being in your comfort zone. it’s not going to lead you anywhere.
So leave your comfort zone, show up, and just get yourself into getting some incredible results.

To know more about HOW MINDSET CAN GROW YOUR BUSINESS, you can read this blog, in which I have explained in detail why the right mindset is really important for a business and how you can change it.

Try to do these mindset shifts and you will see the change in your business growth yourself.


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