Here’s a lucrative marketing checklist for your business to get you clients fast. 

2 umbrellas, 10 action steps; this checklist is full of action steps you can take to find more of your dream clients.

I recommend you working on THREE actions when you are starting out to get the best results from each. 


  1. Write pro level bios on all social media platforms.
  2. Make your website crystal clear on what you do and who you serve.
  3. Be consistent with your marketing. Post regularly on your favourite social media platforms and plan in advance.
  4. Talk about your program atleast 4 times a week on social media.
  5. Declutter your brand: Are you using too many random fonts and colors? Create a simple brand plan and stick to it.
  6. Engage with people on social media to build relationships. Reply to Instagram comments, tweets, Facebook messages.
  7. Give value in Facebook groups and participate in conversations.


In other words, give people a reason to work with you now instead of later!

Clients tend to come in waves and a launch model is a great way to book a bunch of clients in a specific date range.

  1. Use a “beta test” to get started if you’ve never had clients before.
  2. Add a limited-time bonus to your service for people who sign up during a specific date range.
  3. Limit the number of spots that you have for your service.
  4. Launch your service at an “introductory rate” and let people know when the price is going up.
  5. Email your audience to let them know about your service promotion!
  6. Schedule a promotion for your services 3-4 times per year to get an influx of clients.
  7. Have a system to generate sales in backend even when you are not “publicly launching”.

Grab my cheatsheet of 30 unique ways to sign more clients.


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